&^@%!$!$^&( WordPress, y’all

Ok – I am sorry to do this – but…I quit wordpress!

I just hate it. I hate coming to my blog, because I hate the design, I hate the look…. and how sad is that?  This is supposed to be my little space. I want to like it.

I can’t figure out my pics, my widgets, my fonts, my design…it is so user UNfriendly to me.  Last night my husband (who designs computer networks for large corporations – boy knows his way around a computer) sat down to try to help me figure it out.  His words?  “Honey, this is like…greek”.


I am not dumb, WordPress is just…hard.

We figured out one way to improve things…PAY for an upgrade.  Um. No.

So yea, I am moving back to Blogger.


I know.

I am sorry.

The only advantage to WordPress is that I can password protect some posts – but ya know what?  By now, the point is moot.  I know I will be more careful about venting posts, and that brouhaha is over anyway.


Please come back with me to Blogger?

Sorry I am a pain.



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