30 Weeks!

How Far Along? 30 Weeks
How I’m Feeling Overall: Tired.  And huge.  Like a huge tired big huge out of breath huge person.
Maternity Clothes? Yes.  I am huge. (heh heh)
Stretch Marks? None. *knock on wood*
Sleep? Horrible. Gotta pee all the time, and my hips hurt.  But I know it will be even worse when I have a newborn, so what can ya do?


Best Moment of the Week? Pediatrician thinks Nate had Parvo Virus (very BAD for preggers) so we had a rough few days waiting on my blood test results.  Best moment of the week was finding out I am already immune and no worries for my little girl.  WHAT IMMENSE RELIEF!

Movement? Yes, I get a lot of WALLOPS and BINGITY BANGITY’s.  It is crazy how my tummy bounces.  I have tried to catch it on video but she does not like paparazzi.

Food Cravings/Aversions? At this point – eating is a chore.  I want sweets SO BAD AUGH, and if I see one more egg I will die, but the easiest protein for breakfast is….eggs.  *gag*
Gender? GIRL! 

What I miss? Sweets, coffee, bloody mary, big fat dirty martini, blue cheese, CEREAL with LOTS of milk and SUGAR.
What I’m looking forward to? Her being here.  OUT.  Alive.
Weekly Wisdom:  I am entering home stretch territory.
Milestones:  Baby is the size of a cabbage and I feel like if I can just make it a few more weeks – we are in the safety zone.

Emotions? Not too bad lately actually.  It was a rough week with the whole parvo virus thing – but otherwise I am doin’ ok.

: D


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