>Happy ICLW!

>Hey there!
Thanks for visiting!
Just a quick bit of info…
I am *gulp* on the verge of 40. (May 6th oy!)
I am married to a very tall and sweet man.
I would have loved to have 5 or 6 very tall and sweet children.
But that was a little more difficult than I anticipated.
First, Mr. Right was late.
Then, I had two ectopic pregnancies.
Wonky tubing.
We turned to IVF.
Our son N was born in January 2008.
Frozen cycle, and I am now pregnant with a girl (eeeeek!) due in May 2011.
I will be 40 when she shows up, and then I am so so so done.
Other things?
I am a huge dork.
I am a horrible cook, but trying to get better at it.  I like to post recipes sometimes.
I am tired all the time.
Motherhood, while wonderful, totally kicks my ass.
I am petrified of a 2nd.
I have a lot of gray hair.
This mothering thing does not come so naturally to me.
Therefore, I complain a lot.
Especially about being tired all the time.
I like to do crafts, but who has time for that crap anymore?
I am in a constant battle with my weight.
I try to keep a sense of humor at all times, but it doesn’t always work.
I love bath stuff.
I love chocolate.
I have gestational diabetes so I can’t eat chocolate.
Someone better bring me some damn chocolate the minute this kid pops out of me.

The end.

I bet you wish you had skipped this blog huh?



11 Responses to “>Happy ICLW!”

  1. 1 Kathy February 23, 2011 at 2:50 am

    >Yes, it is Tuesday! Sorry, I couldn't resist… Since I am actually posting this on a Tuesday. :)I am here from ICLW (#158) and am glad that I did NOT skip this blog. I really enjoyed reading your intro post. 🙂 Very fun and interesting! I am sorry for your losses and so happy to hear about your son and daughter on the way! I also had an ectopic pregnancy prior to doing IVF (during our 5 year journey through secondary infertility). I just ate a Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie in your honor (since you are craving chocolate and can't have it, which really sucks). Enjoy ICLW and I wish you a happy and healthy remainder of your pregnancy! 🙂

  2. 2 Esperanza February 23, 2011 at 6:29 am

    >I don't wish I skipped it. I enjoyed it very much. I hope all goes well with number two! So exciting. I would enjoy some chocolate for you but I'm also watching my weight. Blurg. Life is tough sometimes! ;-)Happy ICLW! (#67)

  3. 4 Stephanie February 23, 2011 at 2:16 pm

    >Congrats on the baby girl!! What a blessing!ICLW #73

  4. 5 C February 23, 2011 at 4:09 pm

    >Its Wednesday here 🙂 Such an enjoyable post 🙂 Am gonna go through your archives now :)Happy ICLW…And mail me your address I will send you those darned chocolates 🙂

  5. 6 a field of dreams February 24, 2011 at 7:40 am

    >What a great introduction! Congrats on your little girl. Sorry to hear about your GD, I had it too and I'm now battling pre-diabetes and acid reflux – so chocolate is a no-no. Have some for me when your little girl is born.ICLW #25

  6. 7 Twinside Out February 24, 2011 at 4:39 pm

    >Hi! Stopping in from ICLW (#139)."Motherhood, while wonderful, totally kicks my ass." Mine too. Glad I'm not the only one…Congrats on your little girl!!(PS I'm glad I didn't skip this, either!)

  7. 8 Christa February 24, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    >Glad I did not skip – congrats on your son and little girl on the way!ICLW#38

  8. 9 Kristin February 26, 2011 at 4:48 am

    >I definitely do NOT wish I skipped this blog. I'm so glad you found your way to parenthood even though the road was rough. As for motherhood kicking your ass, I agree that parenthood definitely isn't for wimps.Hope it's not too long until you get your chocolate.ICLW #19

  9. 10 Serendipity February 27, 2011 at 10:58 am

    >congrats on the baby girl. We're ttc number 2 and as much as I want another baby I am terrified of having 2… motherhood kicks my ass too but I love it.

  10. 11 Mrs. Gamgee February 28, 2011 at 4:28 am

    >Ugh, the dreaded GD… I'm sory. I can empathize, my wee girl is three months old today, and I think the last of my very ugly insulin induced bruises have faded away finally. Blessings on you as you continue your journey.ICLW

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