>I did it – 4th day of 30 Day Shred.

I think it was a wee bit easier this time – still ghastly, but not quite as shockingly ghastly.

I hate working out. I hate getting sweaty. I hate it when my husband tries to peek in at me while I’m working out – GO AWAY – no one needs to see my flab jiggling thankyouverymuch. I hate being sore. I hate feeling old and flubbery. I hate my saggy holey workout gear. I hate how when I have to drop to the floor to do the ab work – cat hair sticks all over my sweaty flesh. (hmm, perhaps I should vacuum more?). But I hate vacuuming. I hate how the ladies in the video have rock hard abs and mine are squeeshy. I hate seeing my squeeshy abs sag below me when I do pushups. I hate how Jillian tells me “we are right here with you” cause no you are NOT, you are probably off in Tahiti somewhere, not in Delaware with cat hair in your mouth. I hate that I can’t celebrate working out with a giant hot fudge sundae. I hate a lot of things.

But I love the fact that I have laced up my shoes 4 times and DONE it. 26 more times, and maybe I will be in a routine.



1 Response to “>blech”

  1. 1 Niksmom June 5, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    >THIS?? Inspires me. Thanks, lady!

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