>Weight Watchers Day One
Name: Tubby Wubbsy
Starting Weight: 186

186???????? How the f*&^k did this happen????? Oh yea, cause I have done nothing but sit on my ass and eat ice cream since August. Right. God I am so mad at myself. I was down to 162 – TWENTY POUNDS UP??? That is shameful. Truly shameful.


Weight Watchers Day One
Starting Weight: 186
Current Weight: 186
Target Weight: 150
Struggles: laying off sweets, making time to exercise, cooped up in cold weather.
Short Term Goal: lose 9 pounds to make my 10% Weight Watchers loss.
Long Term Goal: Faithfully attend WW meetings, and be smokin’ hot by BlogHer in August 2010.

I know, I know – all the ladies at BlogHer don’t care if I weigh 500 pounds, its all about the love, but I care. I don’t want to meet scads of new people when I feel like crap about myself. So, I am putting this out there- hoping that by stating it publicly, I will stick with it. I know Weight Watchers works – I lost a lot for my wedding. My wedding was such a HUGE motivation though. Fitting in to the dress and pictures that are on display for years to come? The best fear tactic EVER! I need something in the future to work towards…so BlogHer it is. I have to envision meeting all of those new people, and all of the PHOTOGRAPHS that will be taken. Eeep!
The thing that I struggle with the most is just getting sick of tracking every morsel that goes into my piehole. It’s annoying. Sometimes you just want to grab a snack on not think about it. Especially when out and about. I am gonna buy a few of these reusable snack bags from WasteNotSaks on Etsy:
So I can tote along carrot sticks and popcorn and still feel cute and sassy. Are they cute or WHAT??

So, this is it y’all. I am gonna make this weight my bitch – and kick it to the curb.



2 Responses to “>SHAME ON ME”

  1. 1 Photogrl January 30, 2010 at 8:15 pm

    >I love the little sacks…they are so cute!

  2. 2 MrsSpock February 2, 2010 at 9:55 pm

    >I'm a great big moose myself- 175. I'm cruising to the Bahamas in September, and plan for a loss of at least 15, hopefully more.

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