>Things that make ya go Hmmmmm….


I was calling the pediatrician’s office DAILY, for like 3 weeks. And DAILY was being told, no H1N1 shots..no idea when we will get them. Sorry, you lose.

Every day.

Then, I had a purse party at my housie (whole ‘nother story, omg i have a weird obsession with bags) and my pediatrician attended. We have a few friends in common and I knew she liked the purses I was showin’.

Remember, earlier that same day I had called the office and again been told no H1N1 shots available? Riiiight.

Then….Purse party. Wine, food, fun, purses. Makes chickies happy.

Next day? Coincidental well baby visit.

Pediatrician leans in, hushed voice, waggling eyebrows….”I have a secret stash of H1N1 shots”…and lo and behold, my kid gets his vax.

Why are they hiding shots? Why did my kid have to wait so long? Why are other kids still waiting? Why did my pediatrician decide to do me a favor? Cause I gave her good chicken satay and wine? Do I have to have another purse party to get the booster shot in a month? Why do I feel so guilty now? Why was that so shady?

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3 Responses to “>Things that make ya go Hmmmmm….”

  1. 2 Ariel November 10, 2009 at 8:11 pm

    >Yes, they are doing this. All over. Because they are trying to do the "High priority" kids first.I understand that.But lying? Not okay.I would not push for my daughter to have the shot over a kid with asthma. But apparently Dr's are too wussy to say NO. So they lie.I was lucky- they did a school wide vaccination and my daughter got one. (although what happens in 10 days when she needs the next one?)What kind of purses? Miche?

  2. 3 Real Home Improvement December 4, 2009 at 7:56 pm

    >Thats absoloutely stupid! why lie? I am the same as Ariel and my little girl managed to get a vaccine at school.High priority children more at risk tend to be getting the shot first – my little girl has asthma and so she needed hers.

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