>Something A Little Different

>Ok my lovelies, I decided to try something different on here….girlie things!
I am kind of a product JUNKIE – I love trying new lotions and potions, and LOVE browsing at Sephora, Ulta, or even just the drug store. For a long time there, my girlie side got squashed as the challenges of new motherhood took over…who has time for soaking in a bath and applying careful makeup when your kid is screaming bloody murder? Not me that’s who. But NOW, now it is coming back…my evenings are free for bubble baths and beauty masks and ohhhhh its so fun to be a woman!!

SO, lets give it a shot, eh? And PLEASE PLEASE tell me your favorite products, indulgent ones or useful ones or magical ones…I love hearing it all!

Ok. So.

Some girlie things that I am lovin’ lately have come from Lush. Lush is a bath/body store devoted to fresh handmade natural products, many of which are Vegan. I am lucky and have a Lush in the Mall where I live…but you can also order products online at http://www.lushusa.com/shop/. I am not gonna lie, their stuff is rather pricey, but everything I have tried so far has been really really good.

My favorite product right now is this:


The Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar. Oh yessssss.

Massage Bars at Lush are hunks of buttery moisturizing yumminess that you either rub over a loved one as a massage treat, or rub all over yourself (hey, you are your own loved one, right?) as a delicious body softener. It looks like a hunk of soap, but as you hold it in your hot little hands, it begins to melt and soften….then you rub those oils into your skin. Can I just tell you? LOVE.

Lush describes the Strawberry Feels Forever smell as “real crushed strawberries and hibiscus flower infusion”. To me, it smells very fresh, and warm. Definitely like strawberries, but a little spicy too? Like strawberry wine or something. Its so hard to describe. Its a pretty strong smell, most Lush scents are lingering, but its not overpowering to me…just delicious.

Lately every evening as I sit in bed preparing for peaceful slumber (yea right), I give myself a little Strawberry rubdown. I use it on my arms and legs and elbows and knees and cuticles…it is SO SOFTENING…my skin feels like velvet. Its a little oily at first, but I have dry skin, so it soaks in fast and just leaves me feeling sooooo yummy and soft and smelling soooo yummy and good…its DIVINE I tell you! I keep it in a little tupperware thingie right by my bed. I am addicted. LOVE. LOVE. Did I mention Love?

There are many different massage bar scents to try…so if the Strawberry is not your bag, baby, I bet you can find one that is. They retail for about $8.95, which is not cheap, but you get a nice chunk, and its so pampering….I feel like I am worth it. No, I KNOW that I am worth it!!

Highly recommend!!!



1 Response to “>Something A Little Different”

  1. 1 Photogrl October 23, 2009 at 7:30 pm

    >This sounds positively divine!I'll have to take a look around my bathroom and see if I have anything I can recommend.

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