>Mercy!! I am Old. And falling apart.

>That’s it!
Today, I am hauling buns out in a serious rainstorm to get myself some new shoes.

I had to miss shredding yesterday (Day 11) cause I had an all day migraine…and now Day 12 is gonna be a bust because my lower back is in excruciating pain. I think I slept on it wrong, then I wrenched it funny picking up the kid. Or “Chunky Heftybuns” as I like to call him.

Did you ever meet anyone who needed to get in shape MORE? I can’t even lift my child!


More later….

*cue hold music*

Ok, I am back. But…shoeless! Poo. The shoes I liked at DSW – they were out of my size. Some lovely tan and blue Asics. Waa!
Then I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods (I hate that name) and they only had three types of cross trainers…none of which I liked.
I tried on about 13 sports bras too, and none would contain my giant milk juggies.
Total shopping trip fail. Frustrating!
Well, not total fail – I did pick up some 1 pound and 5 pound hand weights. In Pink! Ooo…la la!

I also did a bunch of floor stretching…felt so good on my poor aching bones. Tomorrow I’m back in the game…will re-shop and do some Shredding. Probably will do Level 1 since I missed two days. If my back is still killing, I will try some yoga. SOMETHING. Something to move my body and work up a sweat.
Stay tuned!


2 Responses to “>Mercy!! I am Old. And falling apart.”

  1. 1 MamabearMills April 4, 2009 at 7:20 am

    >Well at least you are exercising at all! I havent even started yet! ugh. Yeah i think you should do more stretching and situps strenghten the back!

  2. 2 Photogrl April 7, 2009 at 3:26 pm

    >I hate when a shopping trip makes me more frustrated than before I went!Hey, take a trip over to my blog…I’ve got something for you! 🙂

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