>MIA explanation.

>Sorry I have been MIA…or is that MIB…missing in Blogland?

I just haven’t had the energy to blog. Here’s why.

Boo has been having ear infections constantly, but even when his ears are clear – he has had low grade fevers for over a month. Unexplained, even after a blood test.

Thursday night – (the 22nd – his birthday…nice) he vomited numerous times. (And no – he didn’t even EAT any of my famous cake – so shut up people) haha

The next day he developed cold symptoms, and was very wan. Saturday night he was awful – many hours of inconsolable crying, fever, lethargy – so pedi advised us to take him to urgent care. Lucky for us (or maybe not?), our urgent care is AI Dupont Hospital for Children.

We waited FOREVER to be seen, and they advised me not to nurse him in case they had to do any procedures. He was SICK and nursing is one of his greatest comforts….so we did not have fun in the ER waiting room. Plus a teenager was vomiting into a bucket, and I was getting skeeved. I can only deal with the vomit of my own offspring.

When we finally got called – they did many tests on him – blood and urine, blood pressure, exam, temp., etc. All looked ok. After SEVEN HOURS in the ER (sheesh) they deemed him well enough to go home. Still no real explanation as to why he was so ill. Mysterious and worrisome. And annoying.

We got home from the ER around 3 am and got very little extra sleep, he was up constantly. But, he seemed improved the next day. Not totally himself, but better. At around 5 pm Sunday we got a call from a Dr. at AI. Npt a good feeling. They said bacteria had grown in Boo’s blood sample, which is NOT normal, and we needed to bring him back to ER right away. My heart raced and we bundled him up and off we went.

As VIP ER goers, we got whisked back fairly quickly for more testing. Another blood sample taken, and this one was simply HORRIFIC. It was for the IV too. 4 staffers holding him down, much sticking to try to find a vein. I was sobbing and I never saw Boo so hurt. His eyes bulged, he ground his teeth. I thought I might faint. Ick. They took a chest x-ray on him too. We told his history about 4 times (why do they never write this stuff down?). They decided that due to the nature of the bacteria we would be admitted. Crap, I wish I had taken 2 minutes to throw some sweats in a bag.

We had to wait 3 hours for a bed. And bed means cage like crib for Boo and 2 chairs (one pull out cot) for parents. The DH and I have probably aged 20 years from lack of sleep…whoof! They did get us a Ronald McDonald sleeping room, so we could take turns catching a few hours of zzz’s, but I have trouble sleeping when my sweetie is in the hospital, know what I mean? So I start feeling a little delirious.

The next day, Dr.’s started rotating in and out. We saw some from pediatrics, and some from infectious disease. (scary!) No one know what was up. Its frightening when Dr.’s have no clue. The general consensus was that it was probably a tainted sample (meaning bacteria from the skin had gotten into the blood sample) and we would be going home, but we had to wait and see if bacteria grew in the 2nd sample to be sure. And still no one could explain the fevers.

Unfortunately, the 2nd sample ALSO came back with bacteria – which was very surprising to all the docs. “Oh Wow!” was one reaction. Not comforting. So, diagnosis was then a Blood Infection. We would be staying at the hospital while they treated him with IV antibiotics and tried to figure out the cause. Of course my mind started reaching to worst case scenario-town….like meningitis or flesh eating bacteria…I was kind of a mess.

He had his first IV infusion that night at 6 pm. They wanted to get more blood from him to do further testing, and this is where things got really really bad – they could not get a sample. At all. Poor Boo. They tried the back of his hand and his wrist. They stabbed and stabbed. The second attempt was so bad, he vomited. I of course was again sobbing. He was simply distraught. It was worse than the first. I wanted to kill them. They said they would try again the next day, and I thought “over my freakin’ dead body”. Aaak!

They had to get a stool sample too, and would have to um, go IN and retrieve it if you know what I mean. And AS we sat there talking about it with the Dr., Boo got wise and pooped – like he just KNEW. He was like “OH HELL NO, you aren’t going in there after it – I am sending one out!” HAHAHAHAH

Anyway – then we just waited and waited and waited. Waited for them to watch the bacteria and test it to figure out what it was. Boo slept on us and did corridor laps with Daddy. He played in the playroom, nursed A LOT, flirted with all the nurses, got a sponge bath, napped. They took his vitals every few hours. I am happy to say he was a real trooper the whole time. Mostly his jovial self and I must say – quite the lady killer. He scored many toys and treats from lots of enamored nurses. We also had some um…EXCELLENT roommates – we went through 2. That is a whole ‘nother story though….. People suck. But I digress.

Some Dr.’s said we would not be going home until they got a blood sample that was clear. Some Dr.’s said we would be going home with oral antibiotics. Some Dr.’s said they wanted to check his immune system which would involve a battery of tests and a few more days in hospital. Some Dr.’s said they needed more testing on his red blood cells (he is anemic). It was all very confusing, and truth be told – I am still confused.

Around 2 pm the head of pediatrics came in and said they were sending us home – it was probably tainted samples, or a mild infection, blah blah, medical terms, mumbo jumbo – have some amoxicyllin and bye bye. It was like a 2 minute conversation. WHAT? I WAS HEATED. We still had no clue, so we had to demand a better explanation. I think he was surprised that we demanded that, which is weird. Don’t people want to know details about the health of their child? He sat down in a chair and explained it better. Apparently, there was skin type bacterias in both blood samples, but two different strains (meaning tainted samples) and there was one blood infection type bacteria in the first sample only, it did not show up in the 2nd. SO – Boo MAY have had a mild blood infection which started to clear on its own…OR…

Wait for it..wait for it…..

BOTH samples were tainted due to TECHNICIAN ERROR in the ER…meaning, yep, we just went through hell, blood tests, urine tests, stool samples, ex-rays, 2 nights in the hospital, crappy hospital food, sleeping in chairs, many tears….FOR NOTHING. His original sickness could have been a simple virus.

CAN YOU STAND IT???????????????????????????

The Infectious Disease doc then came in and talked to us and even said ….”this is very embarrassing.” NICE!!!!!!!! They think the constant fevers could be due to ear infections, but no one can really tell. They think he COULD have had a blood infection, but there is no way to really know, because once they infused him with the antibiotics, future blood tests would be off. They want us to “Watch him” and call if he has any further fevers or issues, and keep our ear tube surgery. We are giving him antibiotics to kill the possible blood infection – just to be safe. Its hard to know what is the right thing to do.

My brain hurts. Of course, now, I will be obsessively taking rectal temperatures with every diaper change and tracking his every move. I am on HIGH MOMMY ALERT – CODE ORANGE! I am very happy to be home with a healthy little dude, but still nervous that there is something they are missing. Why the fevers? Why was he so very ill on Saturday? What if it continues? Its boggling.

Please keep us in your thoughts, but please also send good vibes to all of the children and parents in places like AI Dupont. Its so scary to have a sick child – and many many children we saw were dramatically ill. Not to get all Lifetime Movie on you – but hold your loved ones close, and kiss your babies extra squeeshy tonight.

He is still having fevers, so…the saga continues.

Enjoy some shots of my hospital cutie pie….

Not feeling so hot…


cute gown!


with Pops..


a trooper…


check out the legwarmers!


feeling better!


Attica! Attica!


Asleep heading home… “Sorry we put you through hell for nothing kid, but have a complimentary balloon”…



7 Responses to “>MIA explanation.”

  1. 1 Photogrl February 5, 2009 at 1:03 am

    >Oh, wow, what a nightmare! Hoping BooBoo feels better soon and everyone gets some much needed rest!((HUGS))

  2. 2 Niksmom February 5, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    >OMFG! (Sorry for the abbrev. profanity, I’m floored!) I think you should write a letter to the president/CEO of Nemours, David J. Bailey. You can find contact info at nemours.orgPoor Boo and poor you! Having been through somethign similar (tho not the hospital screw-up, thank God) many times, I totally empathize w/you. (((hugs)))FWIW, start to keep a food journal of what Boo eats and how he reacts. *Could* be the beginning of some sort of allergy. Since you are still BF, write down what you eat,too. Nik used to get (hell, still does) low-grade fevers a lot. Some blood work indicated some kind of immune response going on but nothing anyone could pinpoint.Did they give you *any* follow-up plan of action to investigate te ongoing anemia and illness/fever? Fingers crossed that you all get rest and your poor little guy feels better soon. BTW, my favorite picture? “Attica! Attica!” LMAO at that one.

  3. 3 Beautiful Mess February 5, 2009 at 3:27 pm

    >OH NO!! How horrible! I hope he’s feeling better soon and everything can get back to normal. Thinking about you and sending you HUGS!!!

  4. 4 kirke February 6, 2009 at 12:08 am

    >Oh my! Seriously. That sounds like a nightmare. It sucks to think that it was all caused by technician error, but then again, that’s probably not such a bad outcome.I will definitely keep you and Boo in my thoughts and prayers. He is a soldier.

  5. 5 Average Girl In Average World February 6, 2009 at 2:31 pm

    >I would have hit the ceiling. OMFG, I don’t know how you are holding yourself together. It is so scarey when you as a mom can not fix your child or make it better. It hurts your pride, but sometimes we can;t fix it all. Boo man and you guys are in our prayers!

  6. 6 mom2rebels February 6, 2009 at 3:04 pm

    >This stinks, but sadly, after our AI experiences, I’m not surprised much. (((hugs))) I can only imagine how awful that whole experience was for you.I’m with Niksmom on the food journal idea…unexplained fevers and constant ear infections are definately caused by food allergy/sensitivity here.

  7. 7 MJMILLS March 10, 2009 at 6:41 pm

    >AAAAAAAwwwwwww poor lil guy! I hate to see them poked and prodded at, and then to find out it may have been for NOTHING! yikes! I totally would have been pissed off too! But he looks damn cute in the mini-gown!

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