>more holiday babbling

>Somehow my Elf Yourself from the previous post got erased. That kinda blows. It was really cute too! I’m too lazy to redo it.
They cannot ruin my holiday joy though…oh hells no.
Check THIS out…KAPOW….holy cuteness!!!!


I can’t even stand it. We took the Boo kid to Kiddie Kandids and had a field day…I have only gotten around to scanning the one, but we had at least 6 poses. By a snowman, standing up, with some presents. Delicious! They were all equally cute, its kinda disgusting. We ALSO took him to see Santa. Heh. He was kinda, um, stunned? Deer in headlight-ish. Just stared and stared. Cried a bit when I got too far away. Stared some more. Classic. I gotta get that one scanned.

Have you finished your holiday shopping? Cause I sure as heck haven’t. I just cannot get motivated. I usually love holiday shopping, but I am not feeling it this year. The economy is screwy, and I am tired (I say that a lot don’t I?) and I just don’t know what anyone wants. We got all the kids done…nieces and nephews…those are the important ones anyway, am I right?

Oh wait, I am ahead of myself aren’t I? I never showed you any more Thanksgiving day snaps, did I? Poor Mr. Boo – always fighting off the papparazzi. Word to the wise, never fall asleep at the dinner table at our house.






Unfortunately he woke up before I could really start posing him with good stuff…like cats on his head, beer cans, costumes, house plants. Oh well. We had a very quiet turkey day…stayed in our jammies the whole day, cooked, watched the parade on tv…just the three of us. We usually get together with a lot more family, but somehow this year we found ourselves alone, and you know what? It was very nice. Hopefully we’ll catch up with more family at Christmas though, cause I think it would feel weird if we didn’t.

You know what else? I can’t stop drinking egg nog. From the carton, from WaWa, egg nog latte’s, egg nog shakes from McDonalds. Do they make egg nog ice cream, cause if so, get me some dammit! I am flippity floppin’ LOVING the egg nog this year. Maybe cause last year I was denied…pregnancy and gestational diabetes kept me apart from my sweet luscious thick eggy beverage, so now I am on total nog overload. I just like saying it. Nog. Noggie. Nogtastic. Nogaliscious. NOG. Next stop…Candy Cane junction…. I am going to eat at least 415 peppermint candy canes. I like sucking on them til you get a sharp candy point, and you can use it to stab your loved ones. WOOOOOOO!

So, that’s about all the news from Lake Woebegone.
Tell me, whats up in your neck of the woods?

Edited to Add – my Elf Yourself in the post below left, then came back, then left…then came back. What? Must be a short in the Elf Yourself system.


4 Responses to “>more holiday babbling”

  1. 1 MrsSpock December 4, 2008 at 2:21 am

    >Oh my Gawd- what a cute little elf. Hmmm…and one who has apparently been hitting the bottle. The wine bottle.

  2. 2 Kimberly December 4, 2008 at 3:57 am

    >Can I just say that you are freakin HILARIOUS. I wish we lived in the same town so we could be best friends. I really think it would happen.

  3. 3 jpandtheboys December 5, 2008 at 5:35 am

    >I found you through miss’s blog and these pictures made me laugh so hard I woke up my husband who was sleeping beside me in bad. He wasn’t happy but it made me laugh. Too funny!!

  4. 4 Average Girl In Average World December 5, 2008 at 4:18 pm

    >OMG I thought we was the only ones, we have Candy cane war every year! And it is the perfect murder weapon, just eat it once the victim is down…mawhahahahahaI love that pic of him in the ELF costume. Also, the series of pics that follow are hilarious. How were you able to do without waking him up from laughing?

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