>I’m Doomed

>Well, life as I know it is soooo over.

I always bring Boo Boo with me into the bathroom (poor kid). I lay him down on the rug while I do whatever it is I need to do…and he coos and gurgles and stares at the ceiling and plays with his hands. Sometimes he will roll from side to side.
Today, I left him there on his back on the rug for seriously 13 seconds to get a roll of toilet paper from the hall closet. The closet is directly next to the bathroom. It might have been less than 13 seconds. Upon my return, I find this:


MAN that bathroom is some ugly stuff…pink and gray tile and brown 70’s cabinets….we need a bathroom makeover. As if I don’t have enough to worry about. Wee! Oh wait, that’s not the point……..the POINT is…YEAH, not only was he was opening and closing a drawer….but hello….he got UP into a SITTING position, when I had left him LYING DOWN!!!!!!! What? Since when?? Luckily my camera was close by so I could capture the end of my days of leisure and bon bon eating (*cough*)


He got a plastic bag full of rubber medical gloves out of the drawer. Don’t ask me why we have a plastic bag full of rubber medical gloves in the bathroom drawer, I really do not have a logical answer for you…I don’t think its anything gross, its probably leftovers from when I worked in the hospital and liked to klepto supplies…..what? Who said that?



going back for more…..


quite pleased with himself, no?


even the cat was like… “yo dude, this is the start of nothing good”…


I am so scared. I can’t plop him down and run into the next room anymore, not even for 13 seconds! And of course the first thing he goes for is something dangerous..a plastic bag….suffocation risk…bad mommy, bad bad!! We have some serious SERIOUS baby proofing to do, and Momma is about to be even more tired. Oy. Oy to the serious VEY.


2 Responses to “>I’m Doomed”

  1. 1 Photogrl October 7, 2008 at 2:39 am

    >He is SO proud of himself! And too cute!!Oh, I remember those days…

  2. 2 mom2rebels October 7, 2008 at 12:40 pm

    >That is one adorable little guy!Just wait until the days when he figures out how to scare you to death by hiding from you!

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