>Tomorrow Night

>For the first time in my life EVER I am actually EXCITED to see a political broadcast. Yep, I know…so weird!!! The vice presidential debate is tomorrow night and I am PSYCHED. Sarah Palin, wooo, she has had some doozy-ola interview moments, hasn’t she? I cannot WAIT to see how she handles the pressure of live televised debate-land…..ooo, its gonna be so interesting.


I was also gonna post a pic and droolfest on my Coach bag, but in light of the economical disaster of late, I thought that might be kinda crass. (Even though it WAS from the outlet store, bought on the cheap). Anyhoo, you’ll just have to wait to see it…neener neener!!


Ok, speaking of crass…this one just completely cracks me up…..




1 Response to “>Tomorrow Night”

  1. 1 this one October 3, 2008 at 1:57 pm

    >THose cards are so funny! I was so excited for the debate, my husband and I were sitting there with our dinner, one and a half hours before it was on. Just waiting, like it was Christmas 🙂

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