>Ech Phooey, Summer is Ovah!!

>Well, we are baaaaack!
We had a wonderful time on beach holiday. I was actually very sad to leave. Strange, considering that the last beach vacation had me begging for mercy. Boo-man was a dream travel companion….he slept fairly well, he was jolly (many people actually said to us “he is SUCH a HAPPY baby!!!!”… music to my ears), Mom and Dad got fair amounts of sleep, we ate good food, had plenty of ice cream cones, we swam in the ocean, we wiggled our toes in the sand, we spent time with good friends, I had several glasses of wine…slurp, and I got Boo Boo’s name written on a grain of rice on the boardwalk. Can you really ask for anything more from a vacation?

Oh, and we went SHOPPING at the Outlet stores…..HEAVEN!!! I adore outlet shopping, and now with the added delight of buying BABY clothes…its fantastic. I got Boo a hilarious turtle costume for Halloween for something like 15 bucks. He got fall clothes. Jammies. I got fall clothes…and I got me a beyoooootiful Coach bag. Oh yea, uh huh, come to MOMMA! Nothing says welcome to Autumn like a fabulous new bag, am I right? Makes it almost ok that summer is ending. Almost.

Boo man did come home with a not so nice souvenier…a head cold. Thanks to this one always sick kid. Its the second time Germy McSnotsalot he has spread the ick to Boo…rrrrg. The first time was our last beach vacation, where the mom swore to us it was just allergies, then we all got sick as dogs. Perhaps we shouldn’t travel with these people anymore? Harumph. But anyway…..what can you do. Its been a rough two days. His nose is so blocked he cant nurse and wakes up often in the night…upset and frustrated. We went and got one of those electric booger suckers…man those things WORK…but he HaaaaAaates it!! He screams and cries and wiggles and sweats…sheer terror. I am tired, so I need a vacation again. Isn’t that always the way?

Other than that, the days are just tumbling by. I start breastfeeding classes soon, I signed up for MOPS, Boo man is almost crawling, we are eating lots of solids….life is good. I’ll try to come up with something more interesting to post about, I promise. Maybe a full essay on the glory of my Coach bag, with pictures. Yum!
Til then….here is the dude enjoying the beach……


1 Response to “>Ech Phooey, Summer is Ovah!!”

  1. 1 Photogrl September 6, 2008 at 10:19 pm

    >Glad you had a great vacation!I’m jealous of the new Coach bag…Love the pics!

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