>Milkie Drama…Part II


Sorry about this folks..I know these posts are a bit rambly…this blog is fairly new and I have a lot of things I want to get out…

For those coming over from ICLW…feel free to skip the sloggy boring stuff. In fact, if you prefer, here is a lighthearted post on rodents

So, where was I? Oh yes…breastfeeding hell.

Finally, after 2 rounds of Diflucan, 1 round of nasty Gentian Violet, about 60 vinegar rinses for my nipples, boiling everything Boo touched, and microwaving my bras, we got rid of the thrush. Hoorah!! Praise be!! I feel so much better!! And now….bring on the clogged ducts!!!! Yes, it is true, no sooner than the thrush cleared up, I got a bunch of clogged ducts. Very painful, those things. Lumpy and hot, and highly uncomfortable. I used heating pads and just kept with it…nursed Boo day and night, night and day. Then, I got a 2 milk blisters. Hurts like hell to latch. Again. I mean, EVERY STINKIN‘ BREASTFEEDING PROBLEM YOU COULD HAVE…I got it. Is it just me? Am I just…unlucky in boobs? I don’t know. Its no fair and it stinks, but there you have it. The one thing I did not encounter was Mastitis…I did manage to somehow dodge that bullet…but I bet now that we are talking about it..next week I am going to get it.

Anyway, I wanted to put all this ridiculousness down on paper, or er em…computer..because I am actually quite proud that I stuck it out. As Boo Boo got bigger and his mouth could open more and we got used to the breastfeeding dance…it actually became something I enjoyed. SHOCKING! I went from counting the hours til 3 months (my original goal) so I could run screaming for the bottles…to thinking I will probably do child-led weaning. Boo Boo is 7 months old today, and I am still breastfeeding. He has been 100% boobie milk fed from about 9 weeks old, when we managed to phase out the formula. He has shot up to the 95th percentile in weight. His cheeks are rosy, his thighs are roly. I am very very pro-breastfeeding now. I in no way judge or look down on anyone who goes the formula route, its a personal decision, and every Momma’s journey is different. I am just happy that I was able to provide the breastmilk I so wanted to provide.

I really have no idea WHY I did not quit. I think part of it was my struggle to get pregnant in the first place. I felt so betrayed by my body, my stupid tubes. And I had to do IVF to have a baby, which isn’t exactly how I wanted it to go. I wanted to put on some Barry White and make love to my husband by candlelight, and then wonder why a few weeks later I felt a little queasy. I know I am so blessed that IVF worked, and I am thrilled that it did. But, you have to get used to the fact that your child was conceived in a petri dish, under fluorescent lighting by people in lab coats. I think breastfeeding was my last grasp at doing something naturally, having my body do what it was supposed to DO for my child…and dammit I didn’t want to let that go.

I took my chubby boobie fed little prize to visit that Lactation Consultant that I really liked…D. D was so pleased that I had stuck it out through the drama, that she invited me to become a lactation counselor (on the sly – against the wishes, yet again, of her boss – this lady rocks). So, the whole reason of this 2 day ramble….I am so excited, because, I will be taking a 9 week course, and at the end of it, I will be certified to be a phone boobie counselor!!!! I should get cards printed up…
I will be assigned to five Mommies at a time, and will be available by phone to them, throughout their entire nursing relationship. I like that. I like that I will be a voice of calm that is always there…and that they will get to know me and trust me. I also like that although this organization (Nursing Mother’s) is very pro-breastfeeding, they are also very firm that they help women have the nursing experience that THEY want. Meaning, if a Mom wants to nurse for one month and go to formula, we will help her do that. If a Mom wants to nurse for three months then see how she feels, we will help her do that. If a Mom decides its not working for her and wants to wean, we will help her do that. No judgement, no pushing someone to breastfeed no matter what. Just being there for a breastfeeding Mom who needs someone to talk to. I wont be dispensing medical advice, just Mom to Mom help. Isn’t that way cool? I hated every second of breastfeeding in the beginning, and what a 180 turn to want to counsel other women…life is funny!

Where the hell was this organization when I was sobbing to the breastfeeding gods, you ask? Good question. I sure could have used a Mom counselor to talk to. Unfortunately, again, the stinky hospital I delivered at does not affiliate with this group, as they have their own Lactation dept. The same department that did not tell me about the pump in my room and frowned on the life saving nipple shields. Excellent. They simply do not tell anyone that delivers there about this group. COCKAMAMY!! They don’t even allow them to put a flyer up, and its a non-profit organization!! BALDERDASH!! I don’t get it, and it makes me livid. I am sure so many women quit breastfeeding because of the terrible lack of support. Guess who DOES affiliate with Nursing Mothers? Yep, the holistic birth center with the moccasin lady. Go figure. So, I apologize to you, fringey moccasin wearing patchouli scented gentian violet mis-dosing midwife… for calling you hippyish and weird. Even though you were. But you are pro-breastfeeding, and that makes you a-ok in my book. Go boobies!!


6 Responses to “>Milkie Drama…Part II”

  1. 1 Topcat August 23, 2008 at 6:54 am

    >Just, wow. You’re like, a Breastfeeding Superhero. Seriously. I was thinking about those pics of Boo Boo, with the purple lips, and I suddenly remembered who he reminded me of …Violet Beaureguarde!xox

  2. 2 Christina August 23, 2008 at 11:25 pm

    >Go Boobie Mama! I cannot imagine all the pain you have gone through, I thought you had just one miscarriage, I did not know it was 2. I totally understand the wish to provide naturally for Boo Boo. A friend of mine nursed her baby until he was 13 months old. He’s healthily attached to his mom and very physically and emotionally healthy. I dunno, I think it speaks to the immune and attachment building it creates with the first bond a baby makes.

  3. 3 Kristin August 24, 2008 at 3:25 am

    >Wow…huge congrats to you. I didn’t go through thrush until my third kiddo (my post infertility kiddo) and it was hell. I am super impressed that you made it through all that. I at least could look back to two successful nursing experiences…so, wow and congrats to you!Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. 4 tripmom827 August 24, 2008 at 11:41 am

    >Good for you for sticking with it. You’ll be an amazing counselor for moms since your experience was not perfect or easy (as it rarely is!), but you kept with it. And, your baby is beautiful! Congratulations!

  5. 5 marlynn August 26, 2008 at 5:08 am

    >Oh honey, I am glad you found the great breastfeeding support at last! I wish I read these earlier. Could have shared my bouts with the violet stuff with you. My Boo and I had quite a few issues toward the end of his nursing time. So glad you found this resource and that not only can they help you, but you can help others. SO important! ((hugs))

  6. 6 Road Blocks and Roller Coasters August 26, 2008 at 12:50 pm

    >Your experience sounds so similar to mine! I had mastitis in the within the first two weeks of breast feeding and now I have some kind of skin rash in addition to amazingly painful nipples and a variety of other fun things. On top of all that my Lemy is a marathon snacker, so its been tough. All that said, I am glad that I’m still BFing. Granted, I’m only a month in and may quit soon but I might not–and that is HUGE. Where I can from mentally with regards to BFing is leaps and bounds away from where I was, so there is hope yet! :)Thanks for the support on my blog!

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