>How Can I Make You Understand

>Imagine a surgery. You are awake for it, draped with a blue cloth…alert. You know they are cutting you open and taking a piece of you out. You feel the surgeons bear down on you…tugging, pressure, movement. You hear them discussing it…”almost there, c’mon, pull”. With a massive heave and a squeeshy *POP*, they take out your HEART. Still beating, bloody, alive, undulating. Imagine that along with your heart, out comes all of your emotions – the intense kind you feel deep in your chest. Love, fear, hope, happiness, joy, sorrow, excitement, pain, despair, heaven, hell, love, love love…all of that comes out in surgery too. A glowing orb of magic liquid solid white hot fairy dust, red guts and glory.
They take this beating heart away, this miracle blob, dripping, wet, with all of YOU wrapped in and around it, woven into its fibrous tissue…

And they place it, small and vulnerable, in a crib in the next room.

And then they tell you…congratulations, the surgery was a success! However, its now your job to make sure that this precious piece of you, which is all of you and more..its now your job to make sure it keeps beating all night long. Cause if it stops…along with it, you die. Not just your physical body dies, but your love, your happiness, your desires, your hopes and wishes, dreams, art, dance, elation, the razzle dazzle…your very being…your very soul, everything that makes a human life…GONE. Its up to you…keep it beating. One job, keep it beating.

I imagine THEN you would wake up from your sleep as soon as you heard that heart make a single mournful breathy peep. You would’nt sleep through it, snoring blissfully, while your wife does all the work.
That’s all I’m sayin’.


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