>6 months

Boobles had his 6 month appointment this morning.
Weight 21.3
Height 28.5
Head 18
He is a big strong healthy man for sure!

He is sweet as can be, very smiley and giggly. He loves to be tickled…especially under the armpits. He likes to grab the side of my head and rub his face on mine. He likes to suck on my cheeks and slobber all over me. He loves to grab fistfuls of my hair and pull, he is STRONG and it hurts! He has two teeth, his bottom two…he has bitten Mom a few times (OUCH). He loves to sit up and play with his toys. He gets mad if he has to lie on his back for too long. Now he is starting to lean to both sides to grab things…I think crawling will be soon. He loves his Daddy, gets a giant grin whenever he comes in the room. He loves his stuffed Moose (Mr. Moosie…original, no?). He loves to play in his exersaucer…the star is fun to chew on. He has tried sweet potato, carrots, banana, brown rice cereal, a little bit of peach, and spinach! So far he likes spinach the best, my little Popeye! In the middle of the night, he wakes up and only wants me..he grabs me hard, nestles into me and latches on with a little sigh. He pats my face and breasts while he nurses, or he puts his fingers in my mouth. Sometimes he’ll stare into my eyes and smile. Then he falls asleep all snuggled in beside me. It just about kills me. He is in some 18 month sizes (yowza!) but he prefers to be naked. His eyes are a beautiful blue. People are finally saying he looks like me too, not just Daddy. His hair is growing in and it a lovely red. He is a true delight, pure sunshine, and the best little thing in my world! Happy 6 months little man!


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