>Ridin’ Solo Again

>This morning my DH left for a 3 day work trip. Given my extreme sleeplessness of late…. this is not good news for me. 3 days ALONE with the Boo Boo with NO NAPS. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhh. Gimme strength.
I already broke one of my own rules and allowed him to watch television this morning. Half an hour of Curious George. I am trying to keep him t.v. free as long as I can, but I am desperate. He lay entirely still in rapt attention for the entire 30 minutes, while I attempted to cram breakfast down my throat and wake the hell up.
Other plans for the day? Somehow managing to shower and make myself presentable, loading up the babe, and getting down the street (4 blocks) for a gallon of milk and some sunblock lotion. I am so flippin’ tired, that even this mundane a task seems daunting. On tomorrow’s schedule? Possible venture to Walmart for a toy chest. Or, possible laying around and moaning with more Curious George. Fun times indeed.
Somehow, at the end of this 3 days, I STILL have to pack us up for a weeklong trip to the seashore. Just shoot me.


1 Response to “>Ridin’ Solo Again”

  1. 1 Kimberly July 27, 2008 at 5:11 pm

    >I totally feel your pain. My husband left for 5 weeks for Navy officer training and JUST got back. It sucked to be by myself with a 3 month old. I also have broken down and used the TV. Ila is captivated by it. I really don’t want to start using it all the time though… :/

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