>Vermin Rain

>Tonight my DH and I went down to the Boom Boom room (our home theater) to watch a movie after the Boo went to bed. (its a long process to watch a movie, cause the baby keeps waking up dammit….. but, I digress. ) We have a fabulous home theater, all done in deep purple velvet…its gorgeous. There is a bar and big cushie couch and two humongous Love Sac bean bag chairs. Its my favorite room in the house. Too bad I will never go down there again.

We saw ‘Definitely Maybe’. But who cares, I dont even remember the movie now. About 10 minutes until the end I heard a muffled ‘thwap’ and saw a little blur fall in front of me. I thought maybe a little piece of ceiling broke off or something. I moved the blanket and my legs….. and there it was.

A FREAKING MOUSE. A )*(*&@*& FREAKING LITTLE DIRTY GREY MOUSE DROPPED DOWN from A HOLE in the CEILING over the projector and LANDED on my OTTOMAN RIGHT by my FEEEEEEEEEET!!!! It started towards me, and I screamed like a jungle monkey and tried to go scrambling over the back of the couch to get away. However, I sort of froze in terror, pumping my legs and shrieking…thinking it was going to grab my foot and lick it or something, I dont know. My DH was saying “its ok baby, its ok!” and I finally made it over the couch and burst into tears, wailing and carrying on like a complete dork pie. I didnt even want my feet to touch the ground, cause it might get me, IT MIGHT GET ME! Then we couldn’t find it. I am sure like a smart mouse it vamoosed when it saw my behavior. I jumped up on the other ottomon, just like in the movies…total damsel in distress. WHAT A WUSSPOT!! From my perch I directed my DH while he turned over furniture to try to get it. Only it wasnt exactly direction, more like high pitched hysteria that conveyed the area the beast was scurrying. “I SEEeeeeeeeee IIIIITTiiiiiittttt, over there over there over there over there…THERE IT GOOooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!! Get it!!!! Get it!!!! Get it!!!! IEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dont mind mice in pet stores. I even HAD a pet mouse, named Trixie, when I was about 10. So why do mice in my house absolutely skeeve and terrorize me? Not sure, but holy hannah…it scared the bejeesus out of me. I literally felt tingly in my feet. I dont know if I can sleep. I think we need to call a 24 hour exterminator…do they have those? *shudder*. We brought the cats into the room (well not we, I was still up on the ottoman…useless idiot) and Monique promptly cornered the nasty little thing..then the DH scooped it up in a popsicle box and released it outside the back door. I am guessing by now its already found its way back in here, waiting to creep onto me in the middle of the night and gnaw off my face. How the heck does a mouse DROP FROM THE CEILING?? Sweet Jemima.


1 Response to “>Vermin Rain”

  1. 1 Christina August 24, 2008 at 2:29 am

    >LMAO! I had to read this to someone because I was laughing too hard out loud. You write really well, so you don't have to worry about how it all comes out. When I lived with an ex in CT, my cat caught a mouse from the basement, and then brought it upstairs. She let the mouse go, and then started chasing the mouse everywhere. I had been sweeping the floor, so I jumped up on the chair (sound familiar?) WITH the broom and screeched. The mouse ran, the cat ran and then the German Shepherd started chasing the cat. And there I was, stuck in a Tom & Jerry cartoon, with a broom in hand, screeching on a chair. Thank God my ex came in with all the commotion. The cat had finally caught the mouse, and he let the entire "farm" outside. I felt like such a sally.

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