>Texas – the Remix

>Well, we are rescheduling our trip to Texas for um…Wednesday. And right now its Monday night, late. Which means tomorrow I have to run around like a lunatic repacking, reorganizing, redoing. Unfortunately, the trip switched… from fun vacation with the in-laws to a little more serious. A family member is ill, and its rather an emergency rescheduling so we can be there as soon as possible to help.
I am still trying to focus on good though…Boo Boo’s first plane ride, seeing Grandma, meeting cousins…and now bonus aunts and uncles too! I hope its not too stressful on us all. I hope it doesn’t mess up Boo’s sleep schedule too much -we have been fighting so hard to put a real schedule in place and now it might all go to pot…but such is life. I hope I remember my toothbrush and everything the little man needs. I hope my supply is ok, and I can find time to pump amidst all the madness. I hope the in-laws don’t mind seeing me whip out my boob every 2 hours.
Wish us luck!
texas pic


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