>So far so good.

>Its working. Boo Boo is sleeping in his crib. He took not one but TWO 2 hour naps today in his crib, then went down for the night with very little fuss at 8:30 pm. In his crib. In his crib. Yes, IN HIS CRIB.
We went to Babies R Us and picked up the overpriced night vision monitor, and I have the handheld tv nestled next to me as we speak. Anytime I want, I just hit a button and see the little man broadcasted in black and white. The reception is so good that if I look closely I can even see him breathing. Sometimes I see a little spit bubble shining on his lips. Geez I love him so. Now, I just have to figure out how to stop peeking at the screen long enough to fall asleep myself.


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