>The X-Ray Machine Fogged Her Brain

>This is going to be a bit of a long rant. Sorry.

Ok, so today I had to go to the dentist to get a set of x-rays (no cavities – woop woop!). Anyhoo…somehow me and the x-ray tech got to chattin’ about babies, and I of course had to swoooon and mention BooBoo. She asked how big he was at birth, and now, etc…so when gave his hefty 4 month stats she was like ZOINKS? So she asked if I was nursing, and I said yes indeedy…and she said….

“Oh, I just couldnt bring myself to nurse,… ew…its just not for me.”

Now, listen people. I am NOT one of the militant, breastfeeding nazi, in your face, lactivist, whip out my boob in a restaurant type of woman. I am really not. If a Momma chooses to formula feed…hey, whatever works for you, I try not to judge others parenting and I may not know the situation…working full time, single mom, medical issues, problems with supply…what have you. Formula can be a godsend for so many reasons. Just get that baby fed.

HOWEVER there is one ‘straight to formula’ scenario that I just do not get…and that is the “EW” factor.

Ew? Really?

I mean what is it about breastfeeding that some people find gross? It is the absolute most natural thing. Your body produces milk, it happens to be stored in your mammary glands, you use that milk to feed your offspring. Uh hello? Why is that so weird for some? Why is it normal for cows, cats, dogs, pigs, etc…but in humans…EW?? I know that in today’s society, the almighty BOOB has been made into the ultimate sex object People are not used to thinking of the almighty BOOB as anything else but naughty. All hail the mysterious almighty BOOB. But what they are REALLY meant for is for nursing. That is what they are designed to do my friends…produce milk.

A while back we went to a party for a one year old. My hubbie and I didnt know many people, so we found a quieter room to hang out in. There was another new mom there with her baby, as well as a few other women. First of all, the other baby was born about a week BEFORE Boo Boo…and he was tiny. Teenie tiny, could not even hold his head up. We come in with the MOOSE we call Boo Boo, plopped him down next to the other baby…and I mean, it was insane. Boo Boo could have eaten this child for a snack…and Boo Boo was upright looking around the room, interacting, while this other babe just sat there like a lump. It was weird. The parents were average size, about the same as us. And yep, formula fed. Which, maybe was not the only reason he was tiny..but, I dont know, it was suspicious. Thats all I’m sayin’. (ok, that was a little judgmental…I am only human people!) Anyway, at some point, I excused myself to go find a quiet place to nurse. (see? I told you I wasnt in your face.) When I come back, we get to chattin’ and the women ask me if Boo Boo is 100% breastfed and I say yes indeedy…and like 4 women (including the teenie baby’s momma) go into this whole DISCUSSION about how EW breastfeeding is gross, and I could never do that, its just not for me, and OH NO that just doesn’t seem NATURAL to me, someone eating from my BOOB.

WTF??????? I would like to know..is it natural to whip up a batch of chemically produced man made powdered formula, slap it into a plastic bottle, pop on a RUBBER nipple and feed your kid THAT?? Is that NATURAL???? Perhaps we don’t know the definition of natural? And I would also like to know, does anyone else see how rude it is to be saying how nasty breastfeeding is right after finding out a person in the room is exclusively breastfeeding? Anyone? Of course, being as I didn’t know them and suck at confrontation, all I managed to say was”well, I really enjoy it, and its good for my son” then sat there in amazement.


I will tell you I felt like a powerful earth momma warrior…looking at my chubbie healthy rosy breastfed boy next to the straight to formula wee man.

And you know what – I didn’t say anything to the x-ray tech either, partly because I just don’t know how to change someone who is of the EW variety, partly because my mouth was filled with dental xray stuff. But it does bother me, it really does…some women wont even TRY to breastfeed and their babies will miss out on the perfect food and the intense bonding…and they think something so wonderful is EW. It just makes me sad.

Is it an age thing? I don’t know because the x-ray tech was older than me, and the party ladies younger. Is it a religious thing? Is it a culteral thing? Is it something picked up in your own upbringing? Is it a self esteem thing…you don’t like your own body so you can’t appreciate its functions? I really don’t understand.
Maybe I should be more of a booby warrior and open my mouth more. What would you do?
breast for breastfeeding


2 Responses to “>The X-Ray Machine Fogged Her Brain”

  1. 1 Christina August 24, 2008 at 3:07 am

    >Earthy Mama ~ I cannot stop reading. I am so proud of you for sticking to it. And yes, it IS the formula that makes them smaller. The kids are sicker because the immune systems are not stimulated, the bonding is not there, which stimulates EVERYTHING. You know all this.I think what you said was fine. In fact, you don’t have to explain yourself to judgmental, RUDE uptight people. Whether it be about breastfeeding or another personal choice you have made, alienating someone is NOT right. I think women who who have a tendency to judge like that may be more ignorant about the wonderful benefits of breastfeeding and who may be not as comfortable with the true nature of their bodies are more closed-minded than those who do breastfeed. In any case, the “EW” factor has GOT to go. It is so rude. I think with so many of these reactions, I would actually think up a response beforehand. Sometimes Western culture does not serve us very well. Here is a good example. I truly feel that the biggest sin is ignorance. Again I am so proud of you listening to your true self and not feeling put down by people who are not in touch with their own nature.

  2. 2 tin whiskers December 26, 2008 at 7:15 am

    >Hi, Great post.Thanks for sharing your ideas.waiting to read few more blogs from you.

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