>Ice Cream and the Battle of the Sexes

>Today we went out for ice cream. Twice. Dairy Queen and Caffe’ Gelato.
The difference between our ice cream orders pretty much sums up why men do not understand women and vice versa.

I could exist on ice cream alone. In the summer, I crave it. Ok, I crave it in winter too…but more so in summer. There is nothing better than a summer stroll with an ice cream cone dripping down your fingers. Ice cream is entirely against my diet plans..but it was Father’s Day. Holidays (even ones that have nothing to do with me) are excuses for dessert.

The lunch dip cone was my idea…but DH always agrees cause he is a nice person. Dip cones call to me. They are like …stay at home Mommy crack. Sometimes I dream I am bathing in a giant tub of soft serve ice cream…but perhaps this is too much information? I got a large chocolate vanilla twist cone dipped. Such sweet goodness…the slightly hardened dip shell with the smooth cold creamy soft serve…and the papery thin crunch of the DQ cone. Oh man.
Tonight I got a two scooper… Baccio (its a hazelnuty chocolate with chocolate chips) and Coconut. I got it in a dish, but got the sugar cone too…plopped on top. I always have some form of chocolate when I indulge. Be it the chocolate dip, chocolate chips, chocolate candies, chocolate sprinkles….or straight chocolate ice cream…there will be chocolate. And, I always get too big of a size…I end up throwing some away, or I gobble the whole thing and end up bent over with stomach pains. This evening I had to lie on the couch and pant until my stomach stopped protesting. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with choices that I create gigantic and strange combinations with poor results. Like at Coldstone. When presented with such a dazzling array of flavors and candy toppings…I go all mad scientist and I overbuy. Like Chocolate and Banana with Heath Bars and Gummy Worms and Butterscotch. Inevitably at places like these…I don’t like what I created. But its too late, the deal is done…and have to pout the rest of the evening, because there is nothing more tragic than going out for ice cream and not liking what you get.

The DH on the other hand, is not a sweets person. He could take it or leave it…insanity!! When he does indulge in ice cream…its usually a fruit flavor. I don’t really comprehend this. He orders everything very plain, and in very small quantities. He is not on a diet. He eats whole pizzas. So don’t tell me his tiny ice cream servings are a diet trick. His DQ order? A small plain vanilla cone. WTF??? No dip…no bells and whistles. Depressing. His gelato? One small scoop of orange. THAT’S IT. Is that the saddest thing you have ever heard? Yea yea…he never gets a tummy ache…but there is joy in an ice cream tummy ache…indulgent sugar rush…you know you have really lived. Sometimes I pity the poor DH, so limited in his choices. Austere…like an ice cream monk.

I am pretty sure that when we do argue..it has a direct correlation to our ice cream preferences.


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