>Single Parenthood

>Hats off to all those single Mom’s out there. And single Dad’s too! Its flippin’ HARD. Being the sole care provider 24 hours a day is ….uh, tiring!! But, I am happy to report…we survived, and there were minimal tears and no injuries! It went a lot smoother than I thought it would. Yes, I am a bit sleep deprived, and yes, the house is a bit of a disaster…but we are fine. I enjoyed being with Boo Boo. He is such a good sweet squeeshy lovely smiley delicious boy.

I took him to my Mom’s yesterday – my first long drive by myself with the kid! Woop woop! We both got naps…hooray for Grandma! We visited with people, we went shopping. Got lots of cool goods at Buy Buy Baby…(oh crap, I forgot to take the stuff out of the car). AND we went out to dinner for yummy food at Villa Rosa. The little man was well behaved and sweet the whole time! That is a LONG day for a baby, am I right? He melted down a bit by the end of dinner.., I guess exhaustion took over…but it was 10 pm so to be expected. What a champ!

It turns out it was nice to have these few days to bond with him. DON’T GET IT TWISTED THOUGH ……I am now counting the minutes til Daddy gets home!!!!! I want to go back to being a family of three. I want to nap, and bathe in silence, and eat sitting down. 13 more hours. Wee!

Here is 1 minute and 46 seconds of me attempting to entertain the baby, and the baby being completely dull and uninteresting. Seriously. Only press play if you understand that you will never get the next one minute and 46 seconds of your life back.



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