>Shingles can SUCK IT!!

>So, I finally got us all packed…and it took me awhile…
and all the suitcases were by the door ready to go….
we were gonna leave this morning at 11 am…..

So what happens? We get a call last night that PopPop (dh’s Dad) has SHINGLES!!!! And…special man that PopPop is…he has been in contact with other grandchildren so that both houses are now potential hotbeds of nasty skeevy chicken poxy scaly germies. And taking an unvaccinated 4 month old into that kind of cesspool is a bad bad plan. I even called the pediatrician…who said..”um, unless you HAVE to go…I wouldn’t”. So the dh is going to go for work, and I am going to stay home with the little man and sulk.

I am pissed for several different reasons. I dont get to go to Texas. Boo Boo doesnt get his first plane ride, doesnt get to see Grandma, doesnt get to meet the cousins. I dont get to gorge on Mexican food and barbecue. I went through the trauma of bathing suit shopping for no good reason. I went bathing suit shopping for the baby for no good reason. PopPop wasnt even going to TELL us he had shingles (Grandma made him). As I said…special.

Now I have to take care of Boo Boo alone for days…with no one to provide back ups so I can nap, shower, EAT. I am going to be a hot mess, unwashed, exhausted and scarfing down granola bars….while DH will be off in Texas getting full nights of sleep and leisurely restaurant meals. Bitter? WHY YES, I AM!


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