>Packin’ it in…

>Ssssoooo, I am trying to pack for our jaunt to Texas. Uh yea. Nightmare.

I am a serious OVERPACKER. Its a disease, this OVERPACKING. My husband teases (ok, lectures) me about this all the time. I will pack the most unneccessary items ‘just in case’. A tropical vacation? Well, maybe I might need a sweater and some jeans, what if it gets cold? And, I need two pairs of jeans, a favorite pair, and then a fat pair in case I eat too much mahi mahi. And if I am taking a sweater, I better have some variety…a sailorish looking pullover for jaunty walks on the beach or boat outings (nevermind that we have no plans to go boating..maybe a nice captain will invite us on a cruise and durnit I WILL be prepared!!) …and a lighter cardigan to slip over my shoulders at moonlight dinners. And dont forget shoes. I’ll need flip flops, and sneakers, and sandals, and if I find a pair of sandals I love I will probably buy them in 3 colors, and then I wont be able to decide which color is just perfect for the trip, so oh what the heck, I’ll just throw all of ’em in. I will pack at least 18 outfits for a weekend overnighter. Um, yea. I wish I was kidding.

And THEN ..toiletries…ohhhh the toiletries! You never know when you might get stranded somewhere with no lotion, so I’ll bring a few kinds..one for the hotel, one for my purse, one for my beach bag. False eyelashes? Sure, I might need them. Sparkly eyeshadow…you can never have enough! Soaps, splashes, sprays, perfumes, potions…I like to smell good while travelling. Hair goop. Hair Dryer. Hair Straightner. Don’t even get me started on the lipgloss…there are probably 90 tubes sprinkled over my home of different lipglosses and at least 50 will get packed…cause you can always look pulled together with a swipe of the right shade of lipgloss..but who knows what the right shade will be until I know what outfit I might be wearing… so I better pack 50…ok, you get the idea.

SO…..seeing as I am a serious OVERPACKER..imagine mixing this obsessive need for preparedness combined with an infant…going on our FIRST PLANE RIDE with an INFANT..well…we might as well just go ahead and rent a U-Haul and DRIVE to Texas……..


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