>Needles needles, AAAK we hate needles!!!


4 month check up time!
18.2 pounds of squeeshy man meat (90th percentile)
27 inches long, future NBA star? (95th percentile)
And head circumferance? in the 75th percentile. He is a pinhead just like his momma! I am glowing with pride.
Boo booliscious got his 4 month vaccinations yesterday. And ever since has been a screaming ninny. Poor little thing~ you never see a baby cry harder than when they get shots. He gets beet red, sweaty, screaming….and then cries so hard that no sound comes out. Like the silent scream. Like just wide open mouth, squinched shut eyeballs, and NO SOUND. Except this pathetic crackle crackle wheeeeeze when he tries to get a breath. Its awful. He gets all blotchy and red (see pic) – I get all sweaty everytime…yesterday I had sweat puddles on my t-shirt on my back and under my boobs. Its not a good look. It doesnt help that the pedi’s office is like 1,000 degrees…
For the rest of the day Boo was just a total grumpenstein. C.R.A.N.K.Y. Couldn’t get comfy, I think his legs were sore from the shots? We gave him tylenol which helped. We went out to dinner for mexican food last night for our anniversary…and he slept the whole time (wee!) and only woke up at the very end for a bottle. (YES I SAID BOTTLE – HE IS FINALLY OVER HIS BOTTLE AVERSION – WEEEEeee). But was cranked for the rest of the night. He must have known we needed an anniversary din din so he decided to nap so we could have some peace. Smart boy! Then this morning as soon as he woke up he burst into tears..so maybe he is still sore? He ate like crazy though. SIGH. I hate when I cant make it all better.


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