>Memorial day weekend, ahhhhh….summer begins!
DH has the day off, so I get a whole nother day of naps and fun.
Allowed myself an ice cream run to Cold Stone…Mud Pie Mojo…eh, ok, but not as good as DH’s Birthday Cake Double Take….can I have a do-ever? Durn the Weight Watchers….sigh.

we did a bunch of shopping yesterday…BooBoo was SO good, didnt complain at all. He’s going longer between feedings, which certainly makes life easier…and overall is a pretty jolly little fellow lately. Lots of smiles and giggles.

Tonight we’ll barbecue…some pineapple burgers and corn on the grill.
Soon is our trip to TX – ughhhh, eeeeeee, I am so nervous about it…the flight, the logistics, the hours and hours with the inlaws and no DH…..the sleeping arrangements, keeping BooBoo’s pristine white skin safe in the scorching Texas sun….man, I am such a worrier, but I cant help it! Must try to get over it.

Have a lovely holiday!


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