I can’t sleep.
It sucks.
Lately, I have raging insomnia.
Boo Boo is sleeping great, all night and lots of naps…on me. He usually snoozies from about 10 pm til 6 am – which would in theory give me a glorious 8 hours of well needed slumber. Not so. I get about 4 ish a night – including the hour or so nap the DH lets me have after the 6 am snack. Um, did I mention it sucks?
Drugs are out since I am nursing. I have tried warm milk, warm baths, deep breathing exercises, visualization. Next to try is some chamomile tea, but I dont have high hopes. I am beginning to feel like this is it. I am reduced to a pale wan cranky overtired shrew with unwashed hair and bags under my eyes. This is me forever now. Its not pretty. Its not good. Its not the Mom I want to be. But, I dont know what to do. I guess I need to go see a Dr. Crap.


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