>On Poo

>I know, I know…another new Mom’s post on poo….how overdone. But, a new Mom’s world kinda revolves around bodily fluids…its just the way it is. And, if I cant talk about it here…where can I?
SO, today is a poo day. Which is good, since there had been no action in that dept. in like…4 days. It worries me when that little bootie doesnt DO anything. Anyway, we are making up for the..er..um…dry spell. Right when were finishing our morning nursing (remind me to talk about that another time) …I smell the unholy smell…I mean, who poops right while eating? So nasty. I change him, (blergh) we flirt a little, play…then he seems sleepy so I put him in his swing. About 3 minutes of swingy and I hear gurgle pffttthhh gurgle squeeeeee…..again??? Now, here is where my new Mom cluelessness comes in…he is sleeping peacefully for a nice nappy…do I WAKE him up to change him (inviting tears and screams) or do I let the poor thing lay in his own filth? I choose option B cause I would rather have some tears then have a rash later. Plus, its only fair. I wouldnt want to lay around in MY own filth..gross. This one is pretty…significant. My DH even has to come in from his office to see what the commotion is about. I think “good, he cleared himself out”. We wash up, and change clothes (yea it was that bad). So then, I settle him down, a little more flirting and playing, then back in the swing to finish up his nap. Gives me time to look at my email. Well, guess what…I just heard another gurgle pfffffffffthhh gurgle SQUEEEEEE……back at square one. Crazy. This poor kid just cant get a good nap today. I’m goin’ in.


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