>Momma Day

>Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!! How appropriate…as I am up at 4:47 am actually BEING a Mommy!!!!!!!!!!
My very first Mother’s Day…I really never thought I would get here. I’ve wanted to be a Mommy …oh…forever. I cant believe I am finally here! And all the sayings are true..
Its the hardest job, but the best job.
the most exhausting job, but the most rewarding.
the most challenging job, but the always interesting.
It changes every day, but remains constant.
I love Boo Boo so much, that sometimes it literally feels like a pain in my chest, and takes my breath. He is so delicious…I just cant stop kissing his chubby slobbery cheeks. I am watching a human being grow…its amazing. I just want him to stay exactly like this forever…so squeeshy and round. But then I want him to grow even faster, because I am excited for the future…crawling, toddling, playing, hearing him actually talk to me, learning new things…the first time he will say ‘I lub you momma’…..I cant wait for my first Mothers Day Macaroni Necklace.
So yep…I am hating being up since 4, the sleep deprivation..oy, it sucks…..but, I do so love being Boo Boo’s Momma.
Now, Go call your mother…..she did a lot for you!!!!


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