>Health Check


The swallow study went fine, Boo Boo has perfectly normal function. The previous laryngeal penetration was probably just a fluke…as he was SCREAMING while having barium forced down his gullet the last time. PHEEEWWWW. One more issue, checked off the ol’ list. Next up, a follow up hip ultrasound to check on the displasia. …and continued therapy for the torticollis. Weee!

Had a wonderful birthday….was able to go out to a liesurely 2 hour (woo!) dinner with my husband. I abandoned all dieting and ate like a hog. It was great! Boo Boo had a lovely pearl ring pinned to his diaper too …now, how did that get there? Rec’vd lots of well wishes and love from friends and family. All in all a nice birthday for this old hag.
I think I might have thrush again, **&%^W%$W%(*%$#. Left nip hurts like someone is stabbing hot pokers into me each time Boo Boo latches on. Its horrendous. Must try to find new OBGyn stat. Last OBGyn gave me monistat and pushed me out the door last time I had thrush (heartless bastard). Always something new and exciting here in Boo Booville.

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