>Tomorrow is Boo Boo’s swallow study at AI Dupont. Is that why I cant sleep? Its 11:54 and I am wide awake. The baby is asleep, my dh is asleep (of freakin course) – but I am AWAKE. I am sooo over insomnia. Its making my life so miserable.
I am hoping tomorrow goes smoothly and is not to stressful for the little man. I feel awful putting him through all these tests. I think tomorrow’s is the last one of its kind…but we have the hip ultrasound next. Boo Boo has been to the hospital more times in his 3 months of life then I have been in my entire 36…oo, I mean 37 years. How sad is that? He is a generally happy baby – but sometimes on hospital visits he screams and screams til he chokes. I feel so helpless…watching my innocent little sweet so upset.

Oh and Yep – tomorrow is my birthday. One year older, but feel about 80 years older.
Just. So. Tired.


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  1. 1 mom2rebels May 8, 2008 at 1:32 am

    >Welcome to the world of blogging!Congrats on the new little one…such a precious gift! I understand the sleep issues, hope you get rest soon and that you find the answers you are looking for with all the testing.

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